How to Connect TrialLine to Clio and Import Your Clio Matters

Hey TrialLine users, we’ve got great news! If you use Clio legal practice management software, now you can export your Clio matters into TrialLine with the push of a button! It really is that easy. See your Clio Matters in event-by-event detail, right in TrialLine legal timeline software.

      1. After signing into TrialLine, go to this page: and click the ‘Connect’ button.

      2. In the pop up window, log into your Clio account and then click the green ‘Allow Access’ button.

      3. From ‘My Dashboard’ click the ‘Clio Matters’ tab and import the Clio matters you’d like to see in TrialLine.

      4. Those Clio matters will now show up in your dashboard as TrialLines.


Author: Travis Luther

Travis Luther is the founder of

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