How Lawyer Timelines Can Streamline Your Case

A 2011 report from the American Bar Association estimated that more than 15 million lawsuits were filed across the United States during that particular year. The ABA also said that a new lawsuit is filed every two seconds, and that one lawsuit is filed for every twelve adults in the U.S. Even though there are more than 1.2 million attorneys in the United States, as you can imagine, those who litigate cases are extremely busy. This is precisely why lawyers need an efficient and easy way to organize and share their case events and related documents with staff, experts, juries, opposing counsel, and other attorneys. Lawyer timelines such as TrialLine do exactly that: they enable attorneys to work more efficiently, and communicate more persuasively.

Why Consider a Timeline for Your Lawyers?

TrialLine attorney timeline software makes it easy for litigators to edit, share and present their cases. It allows them to communicate the compelling facts of a case in a simple, yet convincing manner, and can be used at any stage of litigation—from the opening arguments through to a settlement, whether in a trial or mediation. Case visuals in the form of a timeline are convincingly created in a Power Point-type presentation which is both easy for the attorney to use, and easy for jurors to understand.

Lawyer Timelines from TrialLine

How Do Law Firms Benefit from Lawyer Timelines?

Timeline software for lawyers can be used in intellectual property litigation, liability litigation, personal injury litigation, construction litigation and business litigation, creating effective visuals which clearly demonstrate the timing of key events, anchoring those events and facts into the jurors’ minds. Prior to the development of timeline software, legal teams often outsourced the creation of a legal timeline. With TrialLine, litigators can easily customize the template to fit their specific case. Anyone on the legal team can easily change and update the information in the timeline, and those who are closest to the case can use the software to save precious time and money.

Consider TrialLine by Law Father

TrialLineTrialLine is a cloud-based mediation and trial presentation timeline tool for law firms that want to create efficient and easy to use legal chronologies for their cases. With TrialLine, it’s simple to organize and share your case events and related documents with staff, experts, juries, opposing counsel, and other attorneys. It’s completely web-based, which means it can easily be accessed and shared through any internet connection on any device. Sign up now to try it FREE FOR 30 DAYS!

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