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TrialLine – A Powerful Courtroom Timeline Tool

One of the most effective ways to present evidence in court is to use a legal timeline. Unfortunately, while a timeline can certainly help a jury or judge understand your case more clearly, not every courtroom timeline tool is created equal. Many trial timeline templates lack the basic visual effects and techniques needed to efficiently organize your case for court.

Jurors tend to be very visual—when you have exhibits zoom out from individual events on your timeline, it can be extremely compelling visually. An effective visual technique that also shows your jurors a linked exhibit, can be a powerful way to effectively communicate a point. After displaying your exhibit, the image zooms back into the event which gives the jurors the visual foundation for that entry on the timeline. Some timeline programs also allow the attorney to select an image, then hyperlink it to the legal timeline for effective courtroom presentation.

Organizing Events Which Occur Within a Short Window of Time

Many events in a legal case occur within a relatively short window of time. As an example, there could be thirty events, spanning a two-year period in one case, while another could have even more events over a longer or shorter period of time. This is why you need a timeline template that allows real interactivity. Your goal should be to have your timeline expand to show more of the details surrounding a particular event. Understanding the specific chronology of your case enables you to organize and strengthen your argument, and present it in a compelling way as a visual presentation.

TrialLine - A Powerful Courtroom Timeline Tool

Compelling Visuals Through a Timeline of Your Case

A properly made case timeline enables you to do two things that are critical to obtaining a successful outcome in court:

  1. Capture your audience’s attention using compelling visuals.
  2. Clearly communicate the facts of your case, in a way that clearly shows cause and effect.

By bringing together the building blocks of your case—evidence, issues, times, dates, witnesses and facts—in one intuitive interface, you can increase the chances of success for your case. If you are a litigator who handles complex cases, you are well-aware of the challenge involved in organizing huge piles of documents, facts, research and other assorted legal issues. By investing in timeline software that is modern, easy to use, and highly customizable, you’ll have more control over your information, and ultimately win more cases.

Consider TrialLine by Law Father

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TrialLine is a cloud-based mediation and trial presentation timeline tool for law firms that want to organize and share case events and related documents with staff, experts, juries, opposing counsel, and other attorneys. It is completely web-based and can be accessed and shared through any internet connection on any device. Sign up now to try it FREE FOR 30 DAYS!

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