How to Zoom In and Out of Your TrialLine

In TrialLine, the ‘Rendered View’ is a responsive view of your case timeline. That means the placement of the individual events and how they display, changes and responds depending on your zoom level.

As you zoom into your TrialLine, the events spread themselves out and move away from each other. As you zoom out of your TrialLine, the events move closer together. This enables you to change the focus of your timeline as needed, zooming in to focus on a particular event or zooming out to see multiple events at one time, and to see how far apart in time the events occurred, in relation to one another.

Four Different Ways to Zoom in TrialLine

Magnifying Glasses

There are multiple ways to change your zoom level in TrialLine. One way is to click on the magnifying glass icons on the left side of your screen. Click the magnifying glass icon with the ‘+’ symbol to zoom in, and click the magnifying glass icon with the ‘-‘ symbol to zoom out:

Scroll Wheel

You can also zoom in and out by using the scroll wheel on your mouse. Turning the wheel forward, or away from yourself, zooms in, while turning the wheel backward, towards yourself, zooms out:

Image result for mouse scroll wheel


The arrow keys on your keyword will also let you zoom in and out. Simply push the down arrow to zoom in, and the up arrow to zoom out:

Image result for up and down key keyboard

Touch Sensitive Screens

If you are using a touch sensitive screen, you can also use ‘pinch-to-zoom’ to change your zoom level. Pinch your fingers together on the screen to zoom out of your TrialLine, and unpinch your fingers on the screen to zoom into your TrialLine:

Image result for pinch to zoom

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