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If you are like most attorneys, then you eat, breathe and sleep facts. In fact, many non-attorneys are surprised by the level of thoroughness displayed by lawyers when they investigate a case. Facts are the backbone of any litigated case, and witnesses may have a plethora of facts which you must keep organized, and use wisely to try and ensure a positive outcome for the case. Aside from facts derived from witnesses, you probably also have subpoenas, written discovery requests, various types of documents, specialized investigative tools and online research to make sense of. Connect it all with the trial timeline software made specifically for attorneys by TrialLine.The facts of your case become easy to manage, and easy to link to corroborating evidence, whether it’s a witness’s deposition, medical bills, subpoenas, or anything else. This allows you to clearly demonstrate which facts involve a specific witness, and which facts are supported by which evidential documents.

Trial Timeline Software is a Time-Saver

Some attorneys may be reluctant to try litigation timeline software, believing entering data into this type of specialized software is more time-consuming than the alternatives. But, TrialLine makes data entry easy and intuitive. And if you think about the amount of time your current process takes, consider the time saved by not having to search through notepads, file folders or digital documents. TrialLine actually helps you save time, because it makes you more efficient and organized.

Trial Timeline Software from TrialLine

TrialLine’s litigation timeline software gives you the ability to organize the information in your case so that you are in control, and at the same time gives you a compelling visual tool to present to jurors that allows them to see key facts and circumstances in easy to understand chronological order.

Consider TrialLine’s Superior Litigation Timeline Software  

TrialLine logoIf you need a timeline for your next trial, try TrialLine. TrialLine is a cloud-based mediation and trial presentation timeline tool for law firms that want to create efficient and easy to use legal chronologies for their cases. With TrialLine, you can easily organize and share your case events and related documents with staff, experts, juries, opposing counsel, and other attorneys. It’s completely web-based and can be retrieved and shared through any internet connection on any device. Sign up now to try it FREE!

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