Making Complicated Medical Histories Easy with Timelines

medical record chronology timelineEvery once in a while you get a genuinely injured client whose biggest challenge is their own complicated medical history. This person is abnormally anxious about their health, sees doctors and specialists regularly, and needs help sorting out what is accident related and what is not.  

TrialLine timelines can help with this kind of client in two very important ways:

  1. Let you see what was going on before an injury and defend against “pre-existing injury” claims
  2. Put your client’s medical history in front of them so they can answer correctly (and without confusion) during depositions or trial testimony

Allowing your client to guess or ramble is a big problem and opens the door to new defenses.

TrialLine case timelines allow you to organize complicated medical chronologies so answers stay concise, accurate, and to the point.

If you don’t have time to compile your medical record chronology timeline, we can help. 

medical record chronology timelineMost medical chronologies take about one hour for every 50 pages of medical records. Why not let us get this work off your plate so you can move on to other items important to your case? TrialLine staff can be hired for just $22/hour. We’ll review your records and create a medical record chronology – delivered in Word or Excel. We’ll also publish that medical chronology timeline to your TrialLine account so you can review your records in event-by-event detail.

Getting started is easy. Start your 14-day FREE trial of TrialLine or login to your existing account. In the customer support tab, send us a message through the form requesting a quote. In most cases, we can provided your first medical records chronology timeline for free. If you like the service, use us over and over to save you time and money.

Settle more personal injury cases faster and for more money with TrialLine.  


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Author: Travis Luther

Travis Luther is the founder of