My Top 3 Storytelling Books for Lawyers

A case is a story. What’s yours?

 When I’m asked to consult on a case, I’m really being asked to craft an empathetic and persuasive story (and I’m pretty good at it, with over $250 million in settlements and verdicts). I created TrialLine interactive timelines because I wanted my lawyers to have the best storytelling tech right at their fingertips. When I get to work revealing a case’s story, I rely on the following three books. Just like TrialLine, I want you to know what I know so that you can settle more cases faster and with better results

SAVE THE CAT by Blake Snyder

This book has been a best-seller for 15 years and is in every storyteller’s library. The book shows you how to take story ideas and make them memorable and marketable. It also details some important reminders on story arch. Here’s a link to buy on


David Ogilvy was one of the original “Mad Men” of advertising in the 1950s and 1960s. He believed the best advertising told stories and that those stories needed to be interesting and simple enough to suck people in (not always the easiest combination to achieve). Here’s a link to buy on


Originally released in 1949, this book details the history of myth and storytelling throughout almost our entire human history. What I came to understand from this book is that stories have distinct structures, and when we get away from those structures, our listeners disengage. Here’s a link to buy on

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Author: Travis Luther

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