Building Medical Record Chronologies with TrialLine

As a litigator, you are charged with the seemingly insurmountable task of organizing complex case materials. From documents and facts to highly detailed medical records, these facts must be organized and accessible to you and your entire team.

TrialLine is designed to give you control over not only how this information is organized, but also how that information is presented and shared. With beautiful color timeline displays, you can create stunning medical record chronologies that showcase your evidence both in and out of the courtroom. Most notably, TrialLine can help you win more cases by keeping medical records in order and in view, and in context of the rest of the facts in your case. 


TrialLine Medical Record Chronologies

Why Build a Medical Record Chronology?

The medical facts in your case are of the utmost importance.

  • When did your client suffer an injury?
  • What treatments did they undergo and when did they receive those treatments?
  • Did they suffer setbacks or complications?
  • Where there pre-existing injuries that might be used as a defense?

These are all questions that need to be answered when building a personal injury case. 

When you build your case, you begin to create a chronology of events. These events are often found in briefs, pleadings and discovery responses. They are also scattered among notes and brainstorming sessions with your colleagues.

It becomes difficult to keep these facts straight and the timeline of events may get lost in the confusion. Keeping medical records and events organized keeps your case running smoothly from the start. That is why it is important to build a straightforward medical record chronology from the moment your client signs a fee agreement.


Let’s face it. You’re not a medical professional, but you know the law inside and out.  At TrialLine, we want you and your legal team to see the connections between medical events, so you can better use your legal knowledge to win your case.

Most timelines simply state the facts. Our timelines are designed to ‘show the story’. We use stunning visuals to create an easy-to-follow chronology of your client’s medical history. This makes building your case efficient and organized. And if your case does proceed to trial, TrialLine’s legal case timelines become a powerful visual tool. 

TrialLine – Intuitive at its Core

TrialLine is extremely intuitive to use and most attorneys and law firms can get up and running in as little as 30 minutes. You can link and attach vital documents, testimony and records to the timeline events. This will enhance your presentation in the courtroom, as well as organize your records for easy viewing while you build your case. Additionally, you can even tag events by specific issues. This allows you to connect medical facts together to create a chain of events in fine and specific detail. 

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“For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned.”
— Ben Franklin

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