“What’s going on with my case?” TrialLine has Answers!

How many times a week do you have to stop everything to answer that question for your clients?

Did you know you can assign one FREE TrialLine user for every timeline you have open? Your colleagues use these free user accounts to connect their clients to their cases and:

    • Improve Communication
    • Reduce Phone Calls
    • Find Missing Information
    • Justify Bills and Costs
    • Generate More Referrals

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Customer Testimonials

“I use TrialLine with my personal injury clients to make sure our records are complete and that my client and I are on the same page regarding the Story of Our Case (especially as we enter litigation).”

“I offer flat fee divorce and MUST be VERY careful how I allocate my time. Rather than call me with every development, I have my clients upload new information right to their own TrialLines. It empowers them to feel more involved in their cases and cuts way down on their phone calls to me.”

“We charge substantial hourly rates. TrialLine helps my business clients understand where their money goes and the tremendous amount of work we are doing on their behalf.”

For only $59/month, TrialLine can help you manage complex information, develop a winning strategy, and have better client outcomes. Try TrialLine FREE for 14 days. No credit card required.

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Win more cases with TrialLine

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Author: Travis Luther

Travis Luther is the founder of TrialLine.net