Engage Your Audience Better with Visual Trial Timelines

Research has shown that one of the most effective ways to communicate information clearly and persuasively, is through the use of visual cues. There are a number of benefits to using visuals, all of which should be very interesting to attorneys:

  • Better retention – The brain is extremely good at encoding images and recalling them at a later time. Studies have shown that connecting concepts and ideas to meaningful images can improve the recall of those concepts and ideas.
  • Faster comprehension – The human brain is capable of processing images very quickly, and of gleaning a remarkable amount of detail in just a brief period of time.
  • Deeper understanding – Images communicate information without using language, which engages the mind in non-linguistic ways, which can lead to deeper understanding of a subject, and even emotional responses. 

Combine the benefits of using visual aids with the tendency of human beings to think linearly, and it becomes clear how using a fact chronology or visual trial timeline in your legal work, can be a powerful way not only to communicate the important facts of your case to others, but also to solidify and understand the facts in your own mind.  Continue reading “Engage Your Audience Better with Visual Trial Timelines”