My Top 3 Storytelling Books for Lawyers

A case is a story. What’s yours?

 When I’m asked to consult on a case, I’m really being asked to craft an empathetic and persuasive story (and I’m pretty good at it, with over $250 million in settlements and verdicts). I created TrialLine interactive timelines because I wanted my lawyers to have the best storytelling tech right at their fingertips. When I get to work revealing a case’s story, I rely on the following three books. Just like TrialLine, I want you to know what I know so that you can settle more cases faster and with better results Continue reading “My Top 3 Storytelling Books for Lawyers”

How to Create Effective Trial Visuals for Your Next Case

Trial visuals and courtroom graphics can enhance your case and help you tell your client’s story in an interactive and captivating way. Creating a timeline is an effective way to do just that.

With TrialLine, you can organize your case data and maximize visuals at the same time. While most visual demonstrative evidence is expensive and time-consuming, TrialLine offers you a better way. Continue reading “How to Create Effective Trial Visuals for Your Next Case”