Making Complicated Medical Histories Easy with Timelines

medical record chronology timelineEvery once in a while you get a genuinely injured client whose biggest challenge is their own complicated medical history. This person is abnormally anxious about their health, sees doctors and specialists regularly, and needs help sorting out what is accident related and what is not.  Continue reading “Making Complicated Medical Histories Easy with Timelines”

Case Chronologies Help Attorneys Win

Case chronologies are powerful tools that can help attorneys win for their clients. A well designed, and well utilized chronology is a compelling and engaging way to clearly communicate the details of your case. But they also offer a number of very useful, and less obvious advantages:  Continue reading “Case Chronologies Help Attorneys Win”

What Are Legal Case Chronologies and Their Role in Court

Arranging the factual particulars of a legal case within an orderly and easily navigable framework comprises legal case chronologies. This method proves remarkably advantageous for lawyers when they present their cases in a courtroom environment or engage in discussions within the legal arena.  Continue reading “What Are Legal Case Chronologies and Their Role in Court”