How to Set Event Image Thumbnails in TrialLine

TrialLine enables you to set image thumbnails for each event on your legal case timeline. These image thumbnails can quickly communicate general information about your events. Image thumbnails show up in the individual event bubbles, underneath the category and event title, and to the left of the event description: Continue reading “How to Set Event Image Thumbnails in TrialLine”

Intuitive Trial Timeline Software from TrialLine

Connect the Facts with TrialLine

If you are like most attorneys, then you eat, breathe and sleep facts. In fact, many non-attorneys are surprised by the level of thoroughness displayed by lawyers when they investigate a case. Facts are the backbone of any litigated case, and witnesses may have a plethora of facts which you must keep organized, and use wisely to try and ensure a positive outcome for the case. Aside from facts derived from witnesses, you probably also have subpoenas, written discovery requests, various types of documents, specialized investigative tools and online research to make sense of. Connect it all with the trial timeline software made specifically for attorneys by TrialLine. Continue reading “Intuitive Trial Timeline Software from TrialLine”