How to Create Effective Trial Visuals for Your Next Case

Trial visuals and courtroom graphics can enhance your case and help you tell your client’s story in an interactive and captivating way. Creating a timeline is an effective way to do just that.

With TrialLine, you can organize your case data and maximize visuals at the same time. While most visual demonstrative evidence is expensive and time-consuming, TrialLine offers you a better way. Continue reading “How to Create Effective Trial Visuals for Your Next Case”

How to Create Events in TrialLine

Once you’ve created a new TrialLine, the next step is to start adding events to it. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to create new events, explain what information can be included in each event, and also show you how to attach files and supporting documents directly to your events. Continue reading “How to Create Events in TrialLine”

Linking to a Secondary TrialLine from Within a Primary TrialLine

TrialLine users are able to link to secondary TrialLines in their accounts, from within a specific primary TrialLine.  This is helpful because it allows users to easily access information, documents and events on a secondary TrialLine that may be related to the primary TrialLine, but that covers a separate aspect of the case. Continue reading “Linking to a Secondary TrialLine from Within a Primary TrialLine”

Better Outcomes with TrialLine Legal Case Timelines

If your law firm wants to win more cases and attract more clients, customizable legal case timelines could be the answer. Properly created case timelines can help your attorneys illustrate the events of a case in an easy-to-understand chronological sequence. Your case will make more sense to jurors when presented along a compelling and engaging timeline. The process of making the timeline can also help your attorneys organize and strengthen their arguments, and clarify the important details in their minds. The attorney determines what key information should go into the timeline. Then, that timeline can be shared with jurors, associates, experts, etc., who will better be able to conceptualize the case in a much simpler manner than they could through word processing programs and yellow legal pads. Continue reading “Better Outcomes with TrialLine Legal Case Timelines”