The Best TimeMap® Alternative is TrialLine

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If you’re looking for the best alternative to TimeMap® legal timeline software by LexisNexis, consider TrialLine.

TrialLine is an award-winning alternative to TimeMap® and and was named TechnoLawyer’s 2020 Product of the Year.

TrialLine provides:

  • more interactive features,
  • better design,
  • easier video and media integration,
  • graphic customization,
  • and live support!

If you’re currently using TimeMap®, you’ll be thrilled to know that TimeMap® data can be easily imported into TrialLine’s lawyer timeline software. Even better, we’re happy to help. Just ask!

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TrialLine also runs in the cloud, which means you don’t have to continue to buy new versions or releases. Every time you open TrialLine, you’re using the most up-to-date, feature rich version available. TrialLine is also much more nimble than TimeMap®. If you switch from TimeMap® to TrialLine you’ll be able to suggest new features and designs. We’re always listening to our customers and quickly incorporate their comments into our product.

TimeMap® Competitor TrialLine wins LegalTech Breakthrough Award 2 Years in a Row






You can sign-up for TrialLine’s award winning timeline software today. No pushy sales people or mandatory product demos. Just go to and sign-up for your FREE two week trial – no credit card needed. Should you want someone to help you get started, we offer FREE one-on-one consultations for your first case.

Author: Travis Luther

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