Exporting Your TrialLine For Printing

It is possible to export your TrialLine as either and Excel sheet or a Word Document. Both types of exports will contain the following event information:

  • Event dates
  • Event titles
  • Event categories
  • Provider details for each event
  • Event descriptions
  • Bates page numbers for each event
  • Exhibit numbers for each event
  • Event notes
  • Event comments
  • Names of files attached to each event

To export your TrialLine first go into the ‘Relative View’ for the TrialLine you want to export, then click ‘Export’ on the right side bar menu. Then just choose which file type you’d like to export your TrialLine as: Word (DOCX) or Excel (XLSX):

 A window will open that allows you to choose which data you want to export. Simply check the boxes for the appropriate columns, and click ‘Ok’ to save the file to your computer:
The information for the events on your TrialLine will now be visible as an Excel XLSX file:
or a Word DOCX file:
For more information, please watch this video:

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Intuitive Trial Timeline Software from TrialLine

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