Creating the Best Case Timeline for Your Trial

business man behind a pile of paperwork holding help sign | Timeline Software for Law FirmsTrial is coming up.   Your case file contains hundreds of pages of documents and thousands of facts. It’s an overwhelming amount of information to organize and present. TrialLine, the superior timeline software for law firms, is the perfect vehicle to organize this information. But, where do you start? At TrialLine, we understand that your case timeline doesn’t start with an eye-catching design, it starts with the facts. Continue reading “Creating the Best Case Timeline for Your Trial”

How Legal Timeline Tools Help Your Case

You may have heard of legal timeline software before, but aren’t certain whether it is the right kind of tool for you and your law firm. Attorneys quite often create legal chronologies of events based on facts or documents. These legal timelines are then typically used in opening statements, settlement conferences, or simply as a method of analyzing the case. Trial teams will often use one of the many legal timeline tools available on the market to create these chronologies, not realizing that many of these programs often have surprisingly few features, and almost no options for customization. This can lead to boring, difficult to understand timelines that are ineffective at capturing attention, much less at communicating important facts and details. Continue reading “How Legal Timeline Tools Help Your Case”

Legal Timelines for Your Court Case

TrialLine – A Powerful Courtroom Timeline Tool

One of the most effective ways to present evidence in court is to use a legal timeline. Unfortunately, while a timeline can certainly help a jury or judge understand your case more clearly, not every courtroom timeline tool is created equal. Many trial timeline templates lack the basic visual effects and techniques needed to efficiently organize your case for court. Continue reading “Legal Timelines for Your Court Case”

Intuitive Trial Timeline Software from TrialLine

Connect the Facts with TrialLine

If you are like most attorneys, then you eat, breathe and sleep facts. In fact, many non-attorneys are surprised by the level of thoroughness displayed by lawyers when they investigate a case. Facts are the backbone of any litigated case, and witnesses may have a plethora of facts which you must keep organized, and use wisely to try and ensure a positive outcome for the case. Aside from facts derived from witnesses, you probably also have subpoenas, written discovery requests, various types of documents, specialized investigative tools and online research to make sense of. Connect it all with the trial timeline software made specifically for attorneys by TrialLine. Continue reading “Intuitive Trial Timeline Software from TrialLine”

The Best Timeline Software for Lawyers

In our digital age, the amount of information amassed for a trial can truly be staggering. As a matter of fact, it is not uncommon for an attorney to encounter thousands—or hundreds of thousands—of documents which must be processed and reviewed, then narrowed down to the documents most relevant to the case. The best way to gain control over this overwhelming amount of information is to lock it into a timeline, using TrialLine, the best litigation timeline software available to, and made especially for, lawyers and attorneys. Continue reading “The Best Timeline Software for Lawyers”