Managing Your Files in TrialLine

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to manage the files in your legal case timeline, and explain the various file management features available in TrialLine that can help you stay organized. Continue reading “Managing Your Files in TrialLine”

How to Create Events in TrialLine

Once you’ve created a new TrialLine, the next step is to start adding events to it. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to create new events, explain what information can be included in each event, and also show you how to attach files and supporting documents directly to your events. Continue reading “How to Create Events in TrialLine”

How to Zoom In and Out of Your TrialLine

In TrialLine, the ‘Rendered View’ is a responsive view of your case timeline. That means the placement of the individual events and how they display, changes and responds depending on your zoom level.

As you zoom into your TrialLine, the events spread themselves out and move away from each other. As you zoom out of your TrialLine, the events move closer together. This enables you to change the focus of your timeline as needed, zooming in to focus on a particular event or zooming out to see multiple events at one time, and to see how far apart in time the events occurred, in relation to one another. Continue reading “How to Zoom In and Out of Your TrialLine”

Linking to a Secondary TrialLine from Within a Primary TrialLine

TrialLine users are able to link to secondary TrialLines in their accounts, from within a specific primary TrialLine.  This is helpful because it allows users to easily access information, documents and events on a secondary TrialLine that may be related to the primary TrialLine, but that covers a separate aspect of the case. Continue reading “Linking to a Secondary TrialLine from Within a Primary TrialLine”

Understanding Team Members and User Types

Included in both the monthly and annual TrialLine subscription plans, is the ability to add team members that can help build and collaborate with you on your TrialLines. It could be a paralegal helping enter information related to a medical malpractice case, or even a client creating a relationship timeline for a divorce case. Continue reading “Understanding Team Members and User Types”