Using The Criteria Filter

TrialLine recently introduced a ‘Criteria Filter’ option that enables you to choose which events on your TrialLine display, based on a specific set of criteria. 

The ‘Criteria Filter’ works differently than the traditional filter option in TrialLine, in that it only displays events that match the specific criteria you select from the ‘Criteria Filter’ menu. Continue reading “Using The Criteria Filter”

TrialLine’s New ‘Contacts’ Feature

TrialLine recently added a new ‘Contacts’ feature that enables you to add contacts to your TrialLines, and these contacts can then be associated with specific events, facts and documents.

This allows you to create contact-specific views of your TrialLine that can be used in depositions, witness examinations or as a visual aid to help you get a better understanding of a particular person’s role in your case. Continue reading “TrialLine’s New ‘Contacts’ Feature”

Working in the List View

TrialLine users are able to see a complete list of all of the events on their legal case timeline by going to the ‘List View’. Simply click the ‘List of Events’ button from the right hand sidebar menu in the relative view for the appropriate TrialLine: Continue reading “Working in the List View”

Importing Case Facts Into Your TrialLine

TrialLine makes it possible to populate the events on your timeline by importing event information from an XLSX spreadsheet. This is a fast and easy way to add events to your TrialLine, all at one time. Here’s how you do it. Continue reading “Importing Case Facts Into Your TrialLine”

How Relationship Timelines Help Divorce Attorneys Win for Their Clients

man and woman discussing divorce | relationship timeline for divorceAs family law attorneys know all too well, once they and their clients enter the courtroom to litigate a divorce, the power moves out of their hands and into the court’s. The court will be the ones to make major decisions about that client’s family and future.

This can be a very daunting prospect in divorce cases because, as the old cliche goes, there’s two sides to every story. And if a relationship is ending in divorce, those two sides of the story are likely to be very contentious.  Having to depend on a judge’s interpretation of two different stories can be an intimidating proposition, even for very experienced divorce attorneys, and this is when having a relationship timeline for your case can really mean the difference between a win and a loss for that client.

Continue reading “How Relationship Timelines Help Divorce Attorneys Win for Their Clients”